Snoo Bassinet

$18/day / $149/month / $125/3+months

Hand Delivered and Set Up for you! (now with 2X the Snoo Sacks and Sheets)
We dont just ship you a snoo and expect you to know how to use it, lift it or keep track of the box, We will do all of this for you! We will get it connected to your WIFI, we will walk you through it, and make sure you now how to best use it. At the end of your rental we will come and pick it back up, no shipping, repackaging, or heavy moving required. Because we hand deliver/setup, your rental term does not start until the day your Snoo is delivered to you, so reserve now!

This bassinet gently moves back and forth and has white noise for a restful sleep. When your babyΒ starts to fuss or cry, the bassinet increases the rocking speed and the white noise changes and increases in volume to soothe your baby. The included swaddles clip into the bassinet so your baby remains safely on its back. There is also a weaning feature that can be used to transition into the crib. Recommended for newborns 0-6 months.

*All Snoo rentals come with:
2x Special fitted sheet.
1x Mattress
6 sleep sacks (S x2, M x2 and L x2).
Leg extenders available for reflux babies

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Dimensions with legs:

30" LengthΒ 

16" Width

32" Height


38 lbs

Return & Refund

You may cancel your reservation up to 3 days before your scheduled delivery date to avoid any charges. You may cancel your reservation up to 2 days before your scheduled delivery date but you will be charged 50% of your reservation total. You may cancel your reservation the day before or day of your scheduled delivery date but you will be charged 100% of your reservation total.

Exception: If you cancel your reservation for a rental that occurs during the period that includes the week before Christmas/Christmas, the week after Christmas, or within the Thanksgiving week/end, you will be charged 100% of your reservation total.

Please remember that has held the rental equipment especially for you and in cases of cancellations we have not had the opportunity to rent them out to another family.

Return of Item(s) After Delivery or Pickup

There will be no refunds after the items are delivered or picked up.

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