safety + cleaning protocol

As parents ourselves, clean + safe baby gear is our #1 priority

how do you clean rental gear?

We take safety and cleanliness very seriously. All of our rental items undergo an intensive inspection upon return and each part of the rental gets thoroughly cleaned. All machine washable parts and linens are laundered in hypoallergenic detergent and dried on high heat. Rental items are vacuumed and then disinfected and wiped down with a powerful all-natural botanical cleaner proven to kill 99.99% of germs. Then we use a steam cleaner for appropriate items to top it off. All rental gear is in like-new condition when you receive it.

why is there a cleaning fee?

We value safety and cleanliness first and foremost! The cleaning fee ensures that you get the cleanest rental items that have also been checked thoroughly for safety.

are the rental items in your inventory used?

All of our rentals are in like-new condition and undergo our cleaning and safety process detailed above. Think of it like a rental car– the car has been used by another family before but looks and feels brand new. It is a top of the line model, it has been through all of the safety inspections and it has been thoroughly detailed before you drive it.

what about car seats and safety?

All of our rental items are in like-new condition. If a car seat has visible damage, the car seat is removed from inventory and not rented out again. Additionally, our terms require clients to disclose if any accidents occur.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), defines a minor crash as one that meets all of the following:

  • Vehicle was driven away from the scene
  • No airbags were deployed
  • No damage occurred to the door closest to the car seat
  • No visible damage to car seat
  • No injuries to any vehicle occupant (includes soreness)

If all of the criteria listed above is met, Britax, Cosco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Safety 1st, and UppaBaby brand car seats can be safely reused and/or rented.

If not, then the car seat is removed from our local Rental Partner’s inventory.

what happens if an item gets damaged, lost, or excessively dirty?

We only offer high-quality items to rent and if there is damage we are unable to serve another family with that item. As per our Terms, for any damaged, lost or excessively dirty item, you will be charged the retail value to cover the cost of replacement.

Our team will contact you via email if necessary to report damaged, missing, or excessively dirty items and notify you of the retail value to be charged to your card on file.

If you have simply forgotten to include your rental items in the return process, you can contact your local Rental Partner to mail them back the item if you wish to reverse the replacement cost. Once the items are in the possession of the Rental Partner and have been inspected for like-new condition, the replacement charge will be refunded.

what are your covid safety measures?

We are open and taking orders to serve your family! Rest assured that we will treat your little ones like our own and provide the safest + highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism.
-Contactless delivery
-Mask wearing upon request
-Steam Sanitizing
-Commercial Grade Botanical Disinfectant
-Temperature Checks for Employees and Partners

To choose contactless delivery, please select this Delivery Preference option at checkout from the drop down menu. For contactless delivery, we will deliver to your front door and send you a delivery confirmation via email or text so you can quickly obtain your rental gear.