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what is rents-4-baby?

We are the leading luxury baby gear rental provider in the U.S.A. We provide seamless delivery, set up, + pick up of your favorite baby gear brands for vacation or home.

what areas do we serve?

We are a fast growing company in the U.S.A. Check to see our newest locations + where we are expanding to next! (CLICK HERE)

who we are + our story

Hi, there! We are so happy that you stopped by. We are family founded and operated. Inspired by the idea that renting five-star baby equipment can be convenient, safe, sustainable, user friendly and no hassle.

Our story is quite simple. We had a problem. It was when we were pregnant and doing our due diligence in baby gear research as first-time parents when we had a startling discovery. The top baby must-haves were not going to fit in our budget and the lower priced alternatives were sad in comparison. The other options didn’t fit with our aesthetic or our high standards for quality. We also heard from many parents that every baby is unique so even though one baby may love an item, another baby may not. And many of these items were short lived as baby would only need to use a particular item for a few months. So how were we supposed to choose which baby item to invest in?

In the midst of this predicament, rents-4-baby was born. We want to help parents who were like us– the first-timers, the minimalists, the testers, the travelers, and the I’ve-tried-everything-else-ers. Parents who want to go on a family vacation and not loose their sanity or a good night’s sleep. There’s no need to make a storage unit out of your nursery, get stuck with baby unapproved items, go on vacation without your favorite pieces of gear or worse yet, get stuck lugging 10 things throughout the airport while your little one is crying.

rents-4-baby rents the luxury, convenient, clean, safe, and must-have items you count on to make your travel destination and home a better place for your baby.

who are our local rental partners?

These are baby gear experts that service locally in the areas we serve. Most of our Partners are also parents themselves and understand the parenting woes on a personal level and who love to help you. We connect you with the best local Rental Partner to meet your needs after a reservation is placed. Your local Rental Partner will deliver, set up, and pick up your rental items and are available to help answer questions.

Thank you for renting with us!
We are excited to exceed your expectations.

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